What’s On Trend For 2018?

What’s in store for 2018 in your home? We have a look into our (highly stylish) crystal ball and make some predictions!


The first word is the most important one and if you only take one thing from this article, it should be this; 2018 is about simplicity.

Think geometric shapes, clean lines, elegant curves and you will be on track to achieving the kind of effortless simplicity that just oozes style, without having to work hard at it.

This can be paired with clean, shining and simple metal furniture and accents.


Colors for 2018 are predominantly metallic golds, greens and browns. This will be set against a background palette of white, blues, yellows and deep reds.


From a textural point of view, velvets and suedes are going to be the materials to have in your home. This gives a lot of scope for beautiful rich textures – whether they are as drapes, sofas, lampshades or any other type of accessory.


2018 is going to be very shiny year! Accessories in the home will be mainly in reflective materials, so that means things like ceramics, glass and of course, metals.

Anything that can be polished or made to look shiny will be incorporated within the living areas, to bring a bit of sophistication and sparkle to it.


Don’t neglect the comfort aspect of your home. Ultimately, it is still a living space and that should be reflected in the textural elements within it.

It needs to feel and look like a home, somewhere to get snuggly and cozy inside.

Particularly if you have embraced the open living concept, it is very easy for your home to resemble a vast, open, void with no personality.

This is to be avoided at all costs and can be combatted with little cozy nooks and crannies being worked into the design.

That could mean a reading corner, complete with luscious cushions and velvety throws on comfy chairs. It might mean a wooden bookcase being used as a room divider, to separate off a little space to sit and chill in.

Spare some thought to the textural aspects of your rooms and make sure there is a homely element in there.


Smaller homes may find that dark brown wooden floors can work well, especially when combined with lighter brown furnishings. This blend of colors can give a luxurious tint to even a small room.

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