About Us

Our magazine has delivered style to over half a million readers, every month, for over fifteen years now.

We are brimming with ideas to decorate and remodel your home. Every month brings a different focus and more innovative style ideas, to set your imagination alight with.

Our ethos has been to deliver magic and style and make it achievable to the many.

We know that our readers are busy people with busy lives, but that they also prioritize their homes and the comfort in them.

Every month we search out new angles and ways of bringing a touch of elegance and sophistication to our reader’s lives and doing it in ways that they may not have thought of.

Our issues are a mixture of ideas, inspiration and lifestyle information. All wrapped up in the most beautiful design and style.

The focus on our magazine is very much style and elegance, but not as some unattainable ideal. We present practical solutions to problems and encourage our readers to find answers to their own design issues.

Of course, there is also space for some dream time and a slight element of fantasy – there would be no point otherwise. But we always try and temper this with actual practical suggestions and tips for actual real homes.

Most of our readers have families as well as busy lives and we understand the pressures of wanting to have an exquisite home, being measured against the very real needs of a home that is in active use.

Sometimes things have to be adapted or transformed slightly to accommodate young children, elderly relatives or even family pets.

Our pages show solutions for each of these scenarios, and in a way that can still make your home look beautiful.

Whether your home is large or small, our magazine features help for you and your particular circumstances.

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